Lone Wolf EP

by Jack Pine

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Jack Pine's first solo release is 'Lone Wolf'. These four songs feature howling, biting lyricism, a thunderstorm, and a mandolin playing very loudly, then very softly. Recorded one day in July at a solar powered, once-was-a-church studio, the production is raw and the performance is alive.


released September 25, 2015

All songs written by Gareth Auden-Hole, aka Jack Pine
Performed and engineered by Gareth Auden-Hole and Anders Drerup at The Church of Sound in Kinburn, ON
Mastered by Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack, in London, ON
Cover image by Sean Hyatt, Back panel photo by David Wilson, Layout by Gareth Auden-Hole

Jack Pine thanks his family, friends, fans, and colleagues with special appreciation for the help of
Anders Drerup, Marty Jones, Trish Murray, RedLeaf Music, Cory Thibodeau, Matt MacKinnon, Sean Hyatt, David Wilson and Martin Foucault.
© 2015 Gareth Auden-Hole (SOCAN) All Rights Reserved




all rights reserved


Jack Pine and The Fire Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Lone Wolf

If I was a rat
I'd be lying through my teeth
Then I'd sneak under your skirt
Just to see what's underneath

If I was a rabbit
You could pull me from my hat
You could chop me up in pieces
And feed me to your cat

If I was a tree
You could hug me 'til you're raw
You'd never feel a danger
That I'd step up and leave

If I was a rock
You could love me all you want
But with a cold hard stone
You may as well be alone

If I was a fighter
I'd put you in your place
But I'm a lover
Not a fighter
And a wolf all the same

I keep my claws for the hunt
My teeth for the food
But when it's cold outside
I'll be wrapped around you
Cause I'm a lone wolf
In human clothing
Never exposing my teeth
For the fear that It'll
Scare you away

Yes, I'm a lone wolf
In human clothing
Never exposing my teeth
Cause I don't want to
Scare you away

I don't want to
scare you away
No, I don't want to
scare you away
Track Name: Warming Up

Well I'm tired
And I'm spent
And I wanna go
Home to my bed
But the kids
Are still up
And they'll be crying
For their dad
So I don't wanna go home
Like I said I would
I'm tired
I don't belong there
Sometimes, I wish
That they'd just fire me
Right there on the spot
When I fuck up
Instead of giving me that look
Of disgust
And retiring my name
To the mud
I don't belong there
So I'm here.
I'm warming
The seat where I sit
I'm warming
My throat with a sip
I'm calming
My nerves with a chat
I'm warming
My heart with a laugh
Track Name: Make Up or Break Up

There's a warm front a comin'
To stay for a while
The highest yet recorded
To date in the files
And there's a battle a ragin'
between the sun and the sand
To see who can get hotter
The sky or the land

Well the tides will keep riseing
The levy's gonna break
It's gonna flow right on through us
Like every mistake
And the creeks will run wider
Strong, fast, and deep
And we'll try to jump over them
But it's too great a leap

It's just a crack in our path
but a break in the crust
That grows deeper and wider
As we kick up the dust
With a crash of the lightning
The thunder rolls in
To throw down our towers
Of glorious sins
- - -
So who's gonna shake up
The ground where we stand
Who's gonna break up
The steadfast advance
Who's gonna make up
The time that's been lost
Who's gonna take up
The cause and it's cost
Track Name: Waitin' On The Rain

It's gettin' harder to swallow
It's gettin harder to follow
The path that I have set for myself
Because I feel I'm drying out
From this overwhelming drought
And the stagnant lack of life
That's all around

Now the sun's all well and good
But the rays they cause a haze in my mind
That makes me laze my days away
But when the skies start clouding over
And watering hte clover
My thoughts start flowing
Freely, clear as day

So please please please
Make the sun just go away
Turn the raods in to a river
Turn this heat into a shiver
And please please please
Come soak me to the bone
Cause I feel I'm drying out
From this overwhelming drought
So I can't wait
For the rain to come out
So that my mud can start to flow
And my grass begin to grow
And I can't wait
For the Rain to come out
So I can finally clear my mind
And have some time to myself